The essence of our original extruded ceramic floor tiles lives on 75 years after the creation of our first clinker series, ensuring reliability, robust resistance, and a simple yet charming design. As its name indicates, this series is totally natural, with an appearance solely attributable to the colour and effects of the clays used in the manufacturing process.

These tiles–initially described as rustic, then vintage, and later classic–are a timeless favourite, able to make an equally successful impact in a wide variety of settings of very different styles.

Natural’s extensive range of special tile pieces and very high resistance make it a perfect choice for exteriors or entrance areas, including terraces, gardens, verandas, flat rooftops, lobbies, poolside areas and stairs in a wide variety of settings.

The secret of Nature’s timeless appeal, 75 years on, is its simple natural design, allowing it to adapt to the passage of time and not become outmoded.